Beam & Column Beam & Column

Beam & Column

Precast columns and beams are key elements in constructing a simple or complex structure, precast beams and columns are flexible enough to suit any structural or architectural criteria. Utilizing precast beams and columns is a perfect solution to fast-track projects.

Box Culvert

Box culverts are commonly used as a conduit under roadways or railways to provide cross drainage or to take electrical cables from one side to other.

Box Culvert Box Culvert
Compound Wall Compound Wall

Compound Wall

Precast compound walls are a modular solution that can be used as boundary or security or architectural walls. Aesthetics, cost and speed of installation are some of the important factors considered in today’s construction environment.

Cover Slab

Cover slabs are used to cover open drains and double up as footpaths. They can be designed for different loading conditions and can also be produced with specific designs. They are available as plain slabs or as slotted slabs.

Cover Slab Cover Slab
Crash Barrier Crash Barrier

Crash Barrier

Precast crash barriers or dividers are used to divide traffic lanes and prevent out of control vehicles from colliding with on-coming traffic. They are also used along roadways to redirect traffic or for security purposes.


Cladding used along roads and other pathways to form curbs. They come in different sizes and finishes.

Curb-Stone Curb-Stone
Hollow Core Slab Hollow Core Slab

Hollow Core Slab

Hollow core slabs are prestressed concrete elements that have a constant cross section. They are manufactured using high tensile strength prestressed strands or single wire which are embedded within the element.

Manholes and Covers

Precast manholes consist of three components: namely the base, the riser and the cone. The base, as the name suggests, is the bottom part of a precast manhole and is also where the sewage/water pipe is connected.

Manholes and Covers Manholes and Covers
Pole Pole


Precast footings that can be used for a variety of purposes. They have seen use as footings for installing light/CCTV poles, for installing solar panels and the like. Their overall design varies based on the intended use.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist the lateral pressure of the soil so that it can maintain different levels of soil on both sides. Arto provides Cantilever, Cradle, Gravity, MSE and Counterfort retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Retaining Wall
Hollow Core Slab Hollow Core Slab

Road Slab

Precast concrete road slabs are prefabricated offsite in controlled conditions and delivered to the job site fully cured and ready to be installed.

Small Structures

Toilet blocks, security blocks, petrol bunks, etc. They use either a beam column framed system for a single floor or a slab system that can be assembled in factory and transported as a monolithic structure.

Small Structures Small Structures
Concrete Staircase Concrete Staircase


Precast stairs are particularly suitable for today's fast-paced construction.


U-Drains are used as storm water drains and as cable trenches. The pre-casting process offers customizable solutions to allow for precise and effortless installation.

U-drains U-drains
Wall Panel Wall Panel

Wall Panel

Precast wall panels can be used as cladding, load bearing or shear walls. They offer thermal resistance, moisture protection, fire safety and better acoustics.


Precast concrete used for entire warehouse construction from the foundation to columns to wall panels and purlins. This is quick and easy to install and provides an excellent finish with low maintenance. Furthermore it avoids the use of PEB structures as the price of steel is rising.

Warehouse Warehouse