Precast Concrete Pole Manufacturer


Precast footings that can be used for a variety of purposes. They have seen use as footings for installing light/CCTV poles, for installing solar panels and the like. Their overall design varies based on the intended use.

Designs are dependent on project specifications and applications. Lateral earth loads from soil and hydrostatic loads from ground water. Surcharge loads from nearby impact loads. Seismic loads where applicable. After determining the size and design parameters required the appropriate ISO standards are used to provide the most economical design.

  • Grade: M30 - M40. Reinforcement: Fe500

Arto Poles are cast using concrete with a low w/c ratio; it is poured into steel mechanized equipment called precast molds. Rebar is preplaced and secured inside the mould. Form vibrators are used to consolidate concrete to attain homogeneity and release any trapped air. Hole formers may be incorporated, or coring is done if needed. The product is then stripped and the mould is reused.

At every stage meticulous testing is done to maintain quality. Every concrete batch undergoes cube testing to ensure strength parameters are met along with slump testing to ensure consistence in the mix design. After demoulding the product goes through visual inspection to ensure no honey-combing, voids or cracks are present. In case any test fails the batch will be rejected.

Soil excavation followed by base preparation; levelled to ensure easy alignment and prevent settling of soil. In the case where the water table is located in the trench zone, dewatering methods must be employed to remove the water. Backfill of soil should be granular and be compacted layer by layer beginning form the side walls to top of the box sections to attain the required minimum density.