Leading manufacturer of precast concrete products

About Us

Arto is one of
India’s leading manufacturer
of precast concrete products.

Arto Precast Concrete was formed in 2012 to help tackle conventional problems such as lack of consistency, excess wastage, poor planning and execution of work in the construction industry. Over the years, Arto has pioneered and introduced many new state-of-the-art precast concrete products into the Indian market, to help bring projects to life quickly and efficiently. Arto has since seen steady growth and is now renowned for its innovative concepts, use of modern techniques, and precise execution. Arto Precast Concrete continues to provide cost-effective, durable, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly precast concrete solutions with an intent to create a strong foundation for India’s future.

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Arto Precast Concrete strives to make precast concrete the preferred construction technology of choice and in the process provide precast solutions that simplify and streamline the construction process across India’s evolving construction industry.


Arto Precast Concrete makes a concrete commitment to provide the best quality precast products with customer centric solutions through efficiency and ingenuity.


Committed to fair business practice and customer satisfaction under all circumstances.

Wholistic Workforce

Care, respect and empowerment of the employees thereby encouraging pro-active learning at every stage during their association with us and thereafter.

Leadership & Expertise

Believe that able leadership can deliver consistent quality that is essential for profitability and long-term survival.

Thoughtful Design

Belief in continuous improvement, innovation and creativity in products and services; which can be achieved through a common mindset, team spirit and a partnering approach with the Employees as well as all associated.

Quality Focused

Make achievable commitments with care; adhere to them without compromising on the quality and delivery.

Honest Pricing

Economical always; protect and conserve the company's and customers resources with the same zeal as one would do with their personal resources.

Vigilance & Intelligence

Aware of the need to attend to any matter pertaining to customers on an immediate basis. Be customer-driven, minimize problems and respond to problems in a positive manner.

Srinivasa Reddy

Managing Director

A civil engineer who graduated in 1987, from Bangalore Institute of Technology. Srinivas has 30 years of experience in civil contracting and real estate development. He has successfully executed projects across a wide spectrum of sectors like residential, infrastructure, commercial, hospitality, industrial, etc. He founded Arto Precast Concrete in 2012 and is the backbone of its development and operations.

Charrith Reddy


An industrial design graduate who earned his MBA from Murdoc Dubai in 2016. Charrith has leveraged his education in Industrial design to bring in innovations and efficiency's in the products and production processes. Furthermore using his vast exposure and experience in business administration and marketing, he has built a stable platform on which the company can grow and has built a strong brand in Arto.

Smaran Reddy


A civil engineer who graduated in 2019 from North Carolina State University. He uses his exposure and knowledge to bring in new ideas and implement sound business strategies to help Arto reach its goals. He also looks into the operations and manufacturing for Arto to ensure efficiency and maximize value.