Precast Concrete Crash Barrier Manufacturer

Crash Barrier

Precast crash barriers or dividers are used to divide traffic lanes and prevent out of control vehicles from colliding with on-coming traffic. They are also used along roadways to redirect traffic or for security purposes. These structures are long lasting and highly durable. Arto provides holes for drainage and modifications for advertising and hoardings.

Designs are dependent on project specifications and applications. We also offer customised patterned surfaces based on the customers’ requirements. Furthermore we can install steel sheets on top of the barriers which can latter be used for advertising. The connection details and sheets are designed to withstand heavy wind loads without deflection.

  • Grade: M30 - M40. Reinforcement: Fe500

Arto Compound Walls are cast using concrete with a low w/c ratio; it is poured into steel mechanized equipment called precast molds. Rebar is preplaced and secured inside the mould. Form vibrators are used to consolidate concrete to attain homogeneity and release any trapped air. Lifting hooks are provided for ease of lifting and placement. The product is then stripped and the mould is reused. FRP sheets are used along with the mould to create customised patterns based on the customers’ requirements. Slots are provided for steel sheets to be bolted on top of the barriers if required.

At every stage meticulous testing is done to maintain quality. Every concrete batch undergoes cube testing to ensure strength parameters are met along with slump testing to ensure consistence in the mix design. After demoulding the product goes through visual inspection to ensure no honey-combing, voids or cracks are present. In case any test fails the batch will be rejected.

Arto crash barriers are designed to be installed with ease. Arto crash barriers are supplied with lifting anchors to make lifting and placing both easy and precise.

  • Base preparation, levelled to ensure easy alignment of crash barriers and prevent settling of soil. Or can directly be slotted into place on a hard surface such as roads or cover slabs.
  • They can be placed at slight angles from each other to allow for bends in the pathing.
  • Male/Female joints are provided for Arto crash barriers to slide and lock into place.