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Arto Precast Concrete is one of India’s leading manufacturers of precast concrete products. Since its inception in 2012, Arto Precast Concrete has seen steady growth and is now renowned for its innovative concepts, use of modern techniques, and precise execution. Arto Precast Concrete continues to provide cost-effective, durable, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly precast concrete solutions with an intent to create a robust foundation for India’s future.



At Arto we provide total solutions with customized design of precast elements to meet any need. No matter the project or clients
requirements we are able provide design solutions and planning to minimise waste and maximise efficiency from accurate
timelines to structurally safe solutions. Due to our strong inhouse team of 30+ from structural engineers, architects,
detailers, operations engineers, QC engineers, project managers and production engineers.

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Why Choose Us

We make a concrete commitment to provide the best quality, customer-centric solutions using the latest precast concrete technologies for India’s vast precast industry.

  • Quality guaranteed
  • Uncompromising integrity.
  • Maximum value created.
  • Faster Construction
making high quality innovative products
Quality guaranteed

Our manufacturing facilities ensure consistency by minimizing varying conditions. Ensuring increased durability and longevity of our products.

Uncompromising integrity

We adopt ethical business practices and act with uncompromising honesty, integrity and transparency to maximize value for our customers.

Maximum value

Money and time is saved with meticulous planning and diligent use of resources leading to the creation of robust products and services.

Faster Construction

Faster project turnover due to high repeatability and accelerated curing achievable only in a controlled factory setting.


Construction Field

30 Years

Combined Experience In the Construction Field


200 +


Concrete Production

250+ Tons/day

Concrete Production

Successful Projects

150 +

Successful Projects

Satisfied Customers

50 +

Satisfied Customers

Customizable Products

20 +

Customizable Products

Future Proof Structures

Building Future Proof Structures

With State of the Art Facilities

We have two manufacturing facilities each setup on 10 Acres of land catering to all regions of South India. We use Elematic, Vibrocast, Bianchi and Tecnocom precast machinery to manufacture superior products. We have also developed a mobile team to setup mobile manufacturing units at work sites where the scale of the project is large enough to bring in value for our customers. Furthermore we have our own testing lab and equipment on site. There are predefined stringent quality checks carried out at every stage of manufacturing and assembly in order to ensure consistent quality in our products.



making high quality innovative products


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