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Plan and procedure building a precast structure or building?

Pre-cast concrete construction projects are becoming more popular in India. Because of the requirements for build-ability, pre-cast construction has currently been adopted for infrastructure projects and urban transportation. Right now, even the quality delivery of project-specific pre-cast construction is required. The fastest-growing demand in the built environment in the dwelling and office segments suggests that general pre-cast can also advance. With a few case studies involving the author, the current study covers the planning facets of such pre-cast construction in the General Pre-cast scenario.


The four fundamental parts of planning that are presented are production plant, transportation, erection, and joint treatments


The availability of the following data and capacity is a crucial planning factor.
Pre-cast suppliers who can make some or all of the following components.
The second crucial capability is the vendor’s current facilities’ production capacity, which are located 50 km or less away from the project’s proposed site

Logistics and Handling

The approach roads must have the capacity to accommodate 40 MT trailers in the radius for access to the site. Additionally, cars with the necessary capacity must be easily accessible.
Complete site access with adequate space for trailers to park and operating space for the cranes shall be available. The election shall be planned in such a way that the crane boo operating distance shall be available. Lifting hooks, loops , sling of HT cables shall be designed for handling.

Essential Precast principles and standardized rules

The buildability, economy, and standardisation of precast components serve as the foundation for precast building concepts. Precast element removal, storage, transportation, and erecting techniques should get special consideration.
There are other secondary factors that should be taken into consideration as well, namely: