Air Valve Chamber

They are used to protect and provide access to pressure valves in water way lines. Precast valve chambers are quick and easy to install and significantly reduces the installation time and the need for labour. They can also be stacked to achieve a necessary depth. The technical specifications are customised based on expected loads and any other technical specifications of the client.


  • Internal dimensions: varies from 600mm x 600mm to 1500mm x 1500mm
  • Standard height: 1000mm

Compound Wall

Aesthetics, cost and speed of installation are some of the important factors considered in today’s construction environment. Precast compound walls is a modular solution. The modular design allows for variable height to suit the requirement and also allows for customisation of the design.


  • Standard pole dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 2400mm , 150mm x 150mm x 3000mm
  • Standard slab dimensions: 1830mm x 300mm x 40mm (and 50mm) , 2500mm x 300mm x 50mm

Miscellaneous Infrastructure

Manhole frame and cover: RCC frame and cover placed over traditionally built manholes (either brick of cast-in-situ). They are designed for vehicular loading.

Cover Slab: These simple slabs are used to cover open drains and double up as footpaths. They can be designed for different loading conditions and can also be produced with specific designs. They are available as plain slabs or as slotted slabs.

Curb-stone: Cladding used along roads and other pathways to form curbs. They come in different sizes and finishes.

Manholes and Covers

We are the first company in India to introduce precast manholes. Precast manholes consist of three components; namely the base, the riser and the cone. The base, as the name suggests, is the bottom part of a precast manhole and is also where the sewage/water pipe is connected. The cone section is the top most part of a precast manhole and is where access to the manhole is provided. The risers in a precast manhole are mainly there to help achieve the necessary depth from ground level. The wall thickness and grade/type of concrete used will vary based on the technical requirement of the client.


  • Internal diameter: 600mm to 1500mm
  • Cone height: 1200mm to 1400mm
  • Standard base height: 1000mm
  • Riser height: 200mm to 1500mm

Note : The internal diameter of a manhole can exceed 1500mm, however it cannot be manufactured using precast due to manufacturing and handling constraints. In the case of manhole diameters exceeding 1500mm, the base will have to be constructed using cast-in-situ above which a precast adaptor riser slab will be placed to reduce the diameter for the remainder of the manhole.


These u-shaped channels are used as storm water drains and as cable trenches. We also manufacture them with a male-female joint which allows for easy and precise installation. When used as storm water drains we provide the option of having a weep hole every 10 meters to allow for ground water run-off. When used as cable trenches, we provide the option of having an insert plate to allow for segmenting of cables once laid. They are generally covered with a cover slab. The wall thickness, reinforcement and grade of concrete varies based on the expected loading conditions and other technical requirements of the client.


  • Internal dimensions: varies from 150mm x 150mm to 2000mm x 2000mm
  • Standard length: 1000mm

Box Culvert

Box culverts are commonly used as a conduit under roadways or railways to provide cross drainage or to take electrical cables from one side to other. They can also be employed to build underpasses for road construction projects. We also provide a male-female joint to allow for easy installation. The specifications such as wall thickness and reinforcement details of the product varies based on intended use and any other technical specifications of the client.


  • Internal dimensions: varies from 600mm x 600mm to 2000mm x 2000mm
  • Standard length: 1000mm

Road divider/barricade

As the name suggests these are precast road barriers that are used to divide traffic lanes and are also used along roadways wherever construction is happening. These structures are long lasting and highly durable.


  • Dimensions: 700mm/250mm x 850mm x 2000mm


Precast footing that can be used for a variety of purposes. They have seen use as footings for installing light/CCTV poles, for installing solar panels and the like. Their overall design varies based on the intended use.


  • Dimensions: 500mm x 500mm x 900mm

Light/CCTV pole:

Precast concrete poles that can be used for installing streetlights or CCTV cameras. An electrical pipe can be run through it during manufacture to make installing and running electrical cables easier.


  • Standard pole dimensions: 150mm x 150mm x 4000mm

Toilet Block

Precast toilet blocks provide a reliable solution to places where normal sanitation facilities are unavailable. It is manufactured in easy to install components. The toilets are durable and have low maintenance costs, making it ideal for India’s mission to provide toilets across the country.


  • Overall dimensions: 8 feet x 6 feet x 7 feet

Custom Solutions

Alongside allowing for easy customisability of all our products, we also provide custom solutions based on customer requirement.

Concrete Staircase

Precast stairs are particularly suitable today’s fast paced construction. They are primarily meant to be employed for emergency exit stairways. They can also be used in high human traffic areas such as commercial or industrial establishments. We also provide the option of allowing for cladding to better suit the clients requirements. The dense concrete gives excellent acoustic properties addressing sound issues associated with steel or wooden staircases. Maintenance free and excellent durability are the inherent benefits of precast staircases.


  • Overall dimensions: H – 1507mm W – 1200mm, Span – 4740mm

Retaining Wall

Small Structures