Arto is one of India’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete products.

We distinguish ourselves by consistently making high quality innovative products. In fact over the years we have pioneered and introduced many new products into the Indian market.We continue to give India cost-effective, durable, maintenance-free, aesthetic, user-friendly, and environmentally-friendly precast concrete solutions.


How it works?

Step - 1

We receive the enquiry and study the requirement

Step - 2

Our team of engineers submit/suggest the optimal solution for the requirement based on several factors.

Step - 3

Once confirmation is received from the client, the mould design and fabrication process takes place. Parallel to this, preparations and planning for production takes place at the factory.

Step - 4

On completion of the mould fabrication, full scale production begins. The production methodology and rate depend on the type of product and the timeline requested by the client.

Step - 5

Once the casting is completed on the platform, the products are moved to the curing platform the next day.

Step - 6

Curing happens over the next 2-3 weeks using a sprinkler system and gunny bags where necessary

Step - 7

After inspection and approval by the client, the material is loaded onto trucks and delivered to the desired location. After the first few deliveries installation can begin while deliveries continue to happen alongside.